Monday, July 5, 2010

We Have Gone Green!

We have gone


The Harbour Cottage Inn, to do our part to help the environment, has implemented a green policy using the following environmentally friendly products. We have invested substantially in this effort to provide comfort for our guests in a beautiful environment in a responsible way:

-Biodegradable fine line of soap and shampoo in all our bathrooms

-BIOQUEST cleaning system for all the Inn’s laundry washers which incorporates biodegradable surfactants, biological enzymes and natural water softener produced from renewable resources.

-We use biodegradable products to clean all our windows, rooms, showers and toilets in our bathrooms

-Our toilet paper is made from recycled paper

-Our paper towels are made from recycled paper

-Our napkins are made from recycled paper

-Our commercial kitchen’s dishwasher uses all biodegradable products to wash and disinfect all the pots and dishes.

-Our washers are water efficient saving thousands of gallons per year

-All our toilets are dual flush saving thousand of gallons per year

-Our bathroom sinks have water saving faucets

-Our bathroom showers have water saving Spa- like shower heads

-We do not change towels unless they are on the floor helping to reduce the use of water and expensive biodegradable detergents

-95 % of the house is lighted using fluorescent light bulbs

-We recycle cardboard

-We recycle all plastic and bottles even from guest rooms

-We just installed a new high efficiency furnace to provide heat and hot water

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